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The Imperium Magnum Populum is a multi-dimensional empire created an maintained by the most powerful people in all history; the Seven Imperators of Serenity. Established with the intent of only being a republic in 35 BCE, the Imperium Magnum Populum would be the first human made mass multi-dimensional empire. Throughout its existance, it would be known as the Imperium, IMP/MP, or X Imperium (where is is the cardinal numbering system used). The existence of Imperium Magnum Populum is broken up by historians into 17 Imperiums, each describing a unique time in its history.

The Imperium has an unusual governing system. It is a mix of a empire and a republic. The head of the entire government is the Imperator and the Imperial Succession, however, the main executive is the President. There are 4 main branches of government; executive, legislative, judicial and bureaucracy. The executive branch includes; the Office of the Imperators, the Presidential Office and the executive officers. The legislative branch includes a House of Representatives and a Senate. The judicial branch holds the courts; both state and federal.

History Edit

The Pre-Imperium Edit

IMP Seal 2

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