Razulan Nabili aka. Maximus Imperatorem is known to the world as the greatest leader of all time, hence the title Maximus Imperatorem. He is one of the most powerful human alive and is the son of the beings Natura and Pysicum, who are matter and energy alike.

Born on June 3, 552 BCE, in Xinjiang China (Earth Dimension XXX,XXX,XXX); he discovered at a young age that he was a part of an operation to keep darkness at bay (or so he thought). He was ordered to search and destroy Antarius, an Olanteja, who was the apparent source of instability and darkness in the sector in the Multi-Dimensional Complex. His master, Master Ucha, taught him the ways of Kung Fu and how to achieve inner peace to give him the proper skill required to destroy Antairus. Once Antarius came to confront Razulan, he was utterly defeated by the young apprentice. At the end of his mission, Razulan was told by the Council of Olanteja, that Antarius cannot be killed an must be suppressed perpetually and indefinitely.

For almost 1500 years, Razulan would be born and born again in different dimensions, performing the same actions over and over. Each time getting stronger and wiser until he was not required to eliminate Antarius. In between this period of carnations, Razulan would create an empire so large and powerful that the entire Council of Olanteja (The Council) would begin to fear him.

Finally free from the mission, Razulan, now Maximus Imperatorem, would be able to complete the dream of his empire, Imperial Destiny. Imperial Destiny is the dream to have one nation to rule all dimensions, and that was only possible under Maximus Imperatorem. At the end of his Eigth Carnation, Maximus set off to conquer the different dimensions, this was only possible after the invention of a new hyperdrive, capable of accelerating the speed of photons by a factorial amount. Another invention that made interdimensional travel so easy was the Portal, which created folds and "cones" in space to reduce distance (since the distance between 2 dimensions is infinite with no matter and energy). Maximus was able to transport large armies across the Multi-Dimensional Complex with ease allowing for fast conquests.

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